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                                         What is pleasure ?

 There are many sacred texts in Hinduism, one of which is the Bhagavad Gita. In which Lord Krishna has mentioned three types of pleasures and explained what is true pleasures.

 Man enjoys three types of pleasures namely Tamasik , Rajasik and                                                Sattvik pleasures.

1:Tamasik pleasure  (the energy of darkness, inactivity): the pleasure which does not pay attention to realization , which is a campaign from beginning to end, and the happiness which arises from sleep, laziness and negligence is called Tamasic happiness

2:Rajasik pleasure (innate tendency or quality that drives motion ):  pleasure obtained by associating the senses with the subject. Happiness which at first seems like nectar, but in the end which is like poison, is called majestic happiness. Making money, gaining fame, drinking alcohol and taking drugs are called majestic pleasure

3:Sattvik (balanced mind, virtuous, righteous ) pleasure : is that which at first seems poisonous but in the end is like nectar and which awakens the realization of nature in the place of man.

 And that is what true pleasure is all about. And sattvic pleasure is achieved only through discipline and spirituality.