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                                    happy cake story


                               🎂    Ever wonder where birthdays, cakes and candles came from, spectators of myths?   A few days ago, my birthday was celebrated and a thought came to my mind that where did the cake and candles come from?  Why do we cut cakes and blow candles on birthdays?

well , listen guys 

    Some say it was the ancient Greeks who did it to honor the gods, others say it was the Romans whose birthdays were for their supernatural intelligence.

                           but more on that later. 

                 The tomes (a large or scholarly books) point to many origins of birthdays, cakes and candles and today we'll take you through some of them 

  Celebrating a birthday is like any other celebration for you, only cakes and candles are added to it. But that's how it suddenly came into our lives and how we adapted to that culture worldwide. you have your birthday, you get your cake with candles and you blow them out and make a wish . but where did all of this come from?🎂

      well , for that we must venture to the lands of Ancient  Egypt and the time of Pharohns. The Egyptians are said to have created birthdays to honor the new leaders' crowns. They consider Pharaoh to be their god, and their day must be deified. And thus began the celebration of birthdays.

                          next we travels across the Mediterranean to ancient Greece. 


to celebrate the moon goddess, Artemis, the Greeks would visit her temple with moon shaped cake adorned with candles , legend has it, this was to give the cakes a radiant moon-like glow. and to this day , many people do that exact same thing, not to honor Artemis, but their friends , colleagues and loved ones. but how did that come to pass. how did birthday celebrating deities to the birth of mortals? well there appears to be a number of people that did such things . 


First : the Romans, saw birthdays as a celebration of the supernatural intelligence of a person, and not of their intellect, but of their parent soul.

Some say that supernatural intelligence was equivalent to the spirit of the Romans. So it is not surprising that the parties honoring him came to light.

But there was another place, the audience of mythology, the place that was often overlooked when considering the origin of the birthday, and that place was ancient Persia.

the father of History, the Greek writer, Herodotus, writing on the Persians said that  "of all the days in the year , the one which they celebrate most is their birthday ,the Herodotus wrote that the rich would bake all sort of farm animals , while the poor would stick to smaller cattle. but this was not the main focus . Herodotus writes that "they eat little solid food but abundance of dessert , which is set on table a few dishes at a time". also , during these celebrations it was considered rude to vomit,  or obey natural calls. that is to say go to toilet .Strange, isn't it ?

modern birthdays 

jumping ahead to more recent times , it is said that the Germans celebrations  Kinderfest  popularized the concept of birthdays, cakes and candles.

and, following the industrial revolution, cakes became cheaper to make and more widely available.  The cake was originally a coarse, bread-like product and later became the sweeter version, called Gebertstagorten.

Greek, pagans, Germans, swiss Everyone's versions are different but one thing that is good about it is that so many delicious cakes you can eat now. That's for sure.

                                                                   Yes or no?

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